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Mobile Clipping Service

The mobile grooming salon is a 'no frills' highly professional service for those owners who just want their dog clipped and hair removed. Dog washing and brushing are more time consuming services that we avoid, in order to reduce costs for our clients.

Storm is trained in specialised clips such as Poodle pomms (ankles, head and tail as see below picture) but charges accordingly for the extra time involved with creating those styles. The prices quoted on this website are for basic removal of your dogs hair . Please contact us if you require a more specialised clip.

Save the stress of travel and money on fuel.

Enjoy the benefits of a friendly, non-judgmental mobile service.

Storm Mitchell is TAFE qualified in professional dog grooming, providing a top quality service. As a professional dog trainer she specialises in problem dogs that other groomers are unable to cope with.

What it means to have a Qualified Groomer and Registered Vet Nurse clip your dog,

TAFE qualifications are issued by a registered training organisation that teach the Australian Industry Standards (not just Geraldton standards).

It includes;

-Learning the pracitcal reasons for clipping a dog ie, to keep feet dry whith toes and foot pads free of matted clumps, to keep ear canals essentially dry and free of hair and to remove the hair from areas that always accumulate matts and tangles ie. Ears, feet inner arms, near eye ducts.

-Learning how to ensure the animals skin is NOT cut.

-Learning correct nail clipping and ear canal clearing techniques to ensure zero pain during the procedure.

-Understanding clipper & blade function and techniques to diminish overheating and skin scalding

-Learn common pedigree dog styling and clipping.

Registered Vet Nurse's are qualified and educated to advise on common skin conditions and internal & external parasites management. With broad product knowledge from years of working in the pet industry I am able to help you chose a parasite control and grooming plan that will best suit your circumstances for easy maintence of your long haired dog.

Vet Nurses are able to recognise early signs of disease such as dental issues, yeast infections, allergies, eye condititions, unusual lumps or bumps and recommend veterinarian advice, that may help save a more expensive vet bill later down the track.

" So, in all, you receive an educated and knowlegable health service for your dog when a qualifed groomer and vet nurse attends their hair and skin. That's more than just a dog clipping service when you think about it..." Storm Mitchell Academy Director and Salon Manager.

Check the clipping gallery out to see the quality service that I provide. Your dog will appear as though its coat is naturally short, with no clipper marks or ridges and your dog's skin will never be cut. All clipping packages include a complimentary toe nail clip.

To make an appointment please call or text: 0422 553 473


email: [email protected]

Summer Clip;

Small Dogs $50

Large Dogs $75

Keep your dog cool and comfortable with a full body clip. The face can be styled to suit the owner’s preference. This package incudes the toe nails trimmed.

Winter Clip:

Small Dogs $40

Large Dogs $55

Keep your dog warm and comfortable this winter. By clipping hair from the main areas that become matted ie. behind the ears under the front legs, between the back legs and under the tail, whilst allowing the body hair to remain.This package incudes the toe nails trimmed.

Toe Nails Trimmed - $30