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Get 4 Private one on one lessons for only $260!!!

Choosing a private package means you get individual help to address your dogs behaviour problems in order to resolve those issues.

Private lessons are for all types of behavioural problems including but not limited to;

-Nuisance barking

-Jumping up on visitors

-Scaring children

-Food obsessions & protection

-Aggression towards other dogs

-Aggression towards humans

-Separation anxiety

-Pulling on leash

-Chasing cars

-Play biting

-Rivalry & jealousy issues between dogs in the same household

 -I have a 100% success in resolving the specific behaviour issue of every dog that has completed the recommended training package. Some of the dogs owners contacted me as a last resort before euthanasia but I helped changed their dogs fate by modifying the dog's problem behaviour

Where are lessons held?

-The Academy is on private property in Woorree

-The first lesson is at the academy for assessment purposes.

-After first lesson, training is done at locations where the client is experiencing problems with their dog, for example; at the beach, in their home, walking along routine pathways

Appointment times

-Private lesson appointments are made to suit the clients schedule, with Saturday and Sunday training available.

The below link has more details